Worth knowing about Arthrosis

What is Arthrosis?

In arthro­sis, the most com­mon joint dise­a­se world­wi­de, the arti­cu­lar car­ti­la­ge is dama­ged. Fin­ger joints are most likely to be affec­ted. The con­di­ti­on wears down the car­ti­la­ge on the joints. It is loca­ted as a pro­tec­ti­ve lay­er bet­ween the ends of the bones, which pre­vents the bones from rub­bing against each other and dis­tri­bu­tes loads even­ly. Arthro­sis can occur if joints are sub­jec­ted to exces­si­ve stress, e.g. due to poor pos­tu­re.
Car­ti­la­ge does not renew its­elf and can­not be repai­red. After wear, the bones are direct­ly affec­ted. Accor­din­gly, osteo­ar­thri­tis is clas­si­fied as a dege­ne­ra­ti­ve joint disease.

Recognize warning signs

At the begin­ning, arthro­sis beco­mes noti­ceable through ten­si­on or pul­ling in the joint, e.g. at the begin­ning of move­ment. Over time, stress pain is added, which mani­fests its­elf after the joints have been used for a long time. In the advan­ced stage, pain-free move­ment is impos­si­ble, and pain, joint swel­ling or effu­si­ons can also occur at rest.

Timely treatment

If the signals are reco­gni­zed ear­ly, a dia­gno­sis by an ortho­pe­dist and tre­at­ment by a phy­sio­the­ra­pist is a good way to pre­vent dete­rio­ra­ti­on. Joint wear can­not be stop­ped. If the arthri­tis is seve­re, an arti­fi­ci­al joint can be sur­gi­cal­ly implanted.

Com­mon forms of arthro­sis are tho­se of the hand and fin­ger joints, the hips and the kne­es. Of the 100 joints in the human body, the­se are the most stressed.


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